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Floriana Battista Steps Into Marketing Role

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When Floriana (Flo) Battista stepped into Liberty bank 16 years ago, she recalls not being dressed for success.

She expected to pop in to pick up a job application, not meet the branch manager for an on-the-spot interview.

Despite the outfit – sweatpants – Battista landed a teller position that afternoon and eventually became branch manager at the Norwood office.

She recently was named AVP-Marketing Event Planner after long-time employee Susan Andrews retired.

Battista used to joke with Andrews about someday taking over the job.

She’d always eyed the position because it plays to her strengths – outgoing, friendly, service-oriented, and someone who likes interacting with customers and the community.

Battista now manages Liberty Bank’s special events. “My goal is do as many events as we can, focus on customers’ needs, and figure out how we can help them,” she comments. “I like seeing people’s smiles, energy, and appreciation during and after events,” she says.

An old soul

And working at Liberty Bank seems like a natural for Battista, who calls herself old-fashioned and an old soul.

Save for the 10 years she lived in Italy, her parents’ home country, she grew up in Chicago and prizes family time, playing the violin, traveling, enjoying Chicago’s short beach season, and participating in the Society of Maria SS. Lauretana of Altavilla Milicia, a Chicago-based Italian-American organization.

“I always say that Liberty reminds me of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” she says. “It’s literally a community getting together to help each other.”

Flo can be reached at 773-489-2508.

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