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Financial Information

I’m pleased to share with you Liberty Bank’s February 28, 2018 Statement of Condition. As we begin a new fiscal year, we wish all our friends a secure financial future. - William J. Smigiel, Chairman & CEO

Statement of Condition

February 28, 2018

Mortgage Loans, Net and Mortgage Backed Securities $591,087,931
Consumer and Home Equity Loans, Net $805,259
Real Estate Owned $255,110
Cash and Investment Securities $216,502,476
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock $2,275,100
Office Properties and Equipment $11,750,607
Prepaid Expense and Other Assets $10,664,828

Total Assets

$ 833,341,311

Deposit Accounts $619,746,775
Federal Home Loan Bank Advances $16,000,000
Other Liabilities $6,603,434 
Tax and Insurance Escrow $3,889,939 
Total Liabilities $646,240,148


Net Worth

Total Net Worth (Capital)


Total Liabilities and Net Worth


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