Paying Your Mortgage with Coupons?

Billing statements will replace coupon books starting in December.

We have an update regarding your monthly mortgage payment:  After November 2021, our vendor will no longer issue new coupon books. You can continue to use your existing mortgage coupon books. However, we’re pleased to offer the following additional convenient payment options:

  1. Paper statement coupon: Starting in December, you will begin receiving a monthly paper billing statement that will include a convenient tear-off payment coupon that you can include with your next payment.
  2. eStatement coupon: Avoid mail delays and reduce clutter by enrolling in eStatements. Then simply print out your statement, tear off the coupon and mail it with your payment. Enroll in eStatements online; have your loan number handy and enter it when asked for your account number.
  3. Earn $150* with electronic mortgage payments: Ensure your payment is always on time with automatic electronic mortgage payments. Download this form, fill it out, and mail it to or drop it off at your local branch.

If you have any questions about this change or need assistance enrolling in eStatements or electronic mortgage payments, please contact us at 800.224.6935.  As always, we’re happy to help.

*$150 offer applies to electronic mortgage payments established after 10/18/21. $150 bonus will be issued after the first electronic mortgage payment has been made. Any bonus received constitutes income to you and will be properly reported to you and the IRS. Offer expires 12/31/21.