A Message From Our Chairman

No matter the economic uncertainty that lies ahead, we’ll weather the challenges together.

Though we’d hoped that the pandemic would be solidly in our past by now, we know that many of our customers and neighbors are still struggling with Covid-19.

Unfortunately, we also see a fresh challenge looming. This time it’s economic uncertainty. Everyone already has felt the sting of inflation. Families have seen rent, gas, and grocery prices spike, and numerous small businesses in our communities have been forced to make the difficult choice to pass on higher costs to customers.

Paying more for less is always painful. But here’s something we know for sure. The economy will bounce back. And so will our customers and neighborhoods. During Liberty Bank’s 120-year history, we’ve seen people recover from tough stuff: wars, economic depressions, terrorism, and pandemics. Often, they emerge with greater strength and resilience.

We have a long track record of weathering previous financial storms and helping our customers do the same. It’s what we do and who we are. As we’ve always done, Liberty Bank intends to stand beside you, bringing the right suite of services to allow you to monitor and manage your finances. In addition, a dedicated Liberty Bank team is also available to help you find your best way forward as you continue working toward your financial goals.

Know that our roots are both deep and strong. In fact, Liberty Bank has been recognized by Bauer Financial, an independent rating agency that measures the safety and soundness of banks nationwide. For more than 34 consecutive years, it has awarded us a 5-star safety rating.

So, look to us as a resource and shelter from whatever storm comes. And when the clouds lift – and they will – we will celebrate. Together.

Wishing you continued good health.

Warmest Regards,

William J. Smigiel
Chairman & CEO