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3 generations of Liberty Bank customers

“We’ve been doing business with Liberty for many years; my whole family banks there now.

Everybody there knows me, and they’re so polite when I come in!”

Vincenzo Grisi and his son Franco Sr. and grandson Franco Jr.

3 Generations of Liberty Customers
Logan Square Nail Salon Owners

“I feel safe at Liberty, and I get great service there.

I’ve been a customer for 8 years!”

Loan Truong and Phuong Huynh

Owners of Logan Square Nail Salon and Liberty Business Customers
Liberty Bank Mortgage Customers

“We moved into our home in March, and held our smaller-than-planned wedding in the backyard in August.

We are so grateful to have a place to call home and to Liberty Bank for helping make that happen!”

Rachel Hermes and Karl Putz

Liberty Mortgage Customers