Safe Deposit Boxes

The safe, secure place to keep valuables, important documents and other financial resources.

A Liberty Bank Safe Deposit Box is a safe place to keep your valuable documents and possessions. Various sizes are available. There is an annual fee per box along with a one-time key deposit due at opening. Safe Deposit boxes are available at our Logan Square, Lincolnwood, Foster, and Norwood offices.

For additional information, please refer to the Safe Deposit Box Terms and Conditions.

exterior of a safe deposit box
SizeAnnual Rate WITH Automatic ACH PaymentAnnual Rate WITHOUT Automatic ACH Payment
2" x 5"$35.00$55.00
3" x 5"$45.00$65.00
5" x 5"$70.00$90.00
3" x 10"$75.00$95.00
5" x 10"$90.00$110.00
10" x 10"$145.00$165.00
Miscellaneous ServicesFee
Box Drilling$250.00
Box Inventory$100.00
Key Deposit$20.00
Late Fee$10.00