Safe Deposit Boxes in Chicago

The safe, secure place to keep valuables, important documents and other financial resources.

A Liberty Bank Safe Deposit Box near you is a safe place to keep your valuable documents and possessions. Various sizes are available. There is an annual fee per box along with a one-time key deposit due at opening. We offer Safe Deposit boxes at our Chicago and Lincolnwood locations:

For additional information, please refer to the Safe Deposit Box Terms and Conditions.

exterior of a safe deposit box
SizeAnnual Rate WITH Automatic ACH PaymentAnnual Rate WITHOUT Automatic ACH Payment
2" x 5"$35.00$55.00
3" x 5"$45.00$65.00
5" x 5"$70.00$90.00
3" x 10"$75.00$95.00
5" x 10"$90.00$110.00
10" x 10"$145.00$165.00
Miscellaneous ServicesFee
Box Drilling$250.00
Box Inventory$100.00
Key Deposit$20.00
Late Fee$10.00