YOU ASK, WE ANSWER: Earlier Mortgage Statements, ATM Finder & Simplified Mobile Deposits

In every issue of The Latest, we answer your questions about Liberty Bank and its services. Here are some recent customer questions.

Q: I’d really like to get my mortgage statements sooner in the month. Is this possible?

A: Yes, keep an eye on your mailbox. Starting in September, the statements will be mailed five days sooner.

Q: I love Liberty Bank and have banked there since I was a child, although sometimes I have trouble finding an ATM.

A: Through Liberty Bank’s relationship with MoneyPass®, you have access to more than 37,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Here are four ways for you to find the nearest free ATM.
• Look for the yellow ATM locator in the top right-hand corner of our website
• Use the ATM Locator found in our Mobile Banking app
• Visit
• Visit participating 7-Eleven locations

Q: It would be great if you had a smoother mobile check deposit process including immediate feedback on whether the picture is clear enough to be accepted.

A: Earlier this year we launched MiSnap which simplifies mobile deposits by automatically taking a high-quality picture of your check when you place it in your mobile phone’s viewing area.

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If you have questions about Liberty Bank or one of its services, please visit Liberty Bank’s Feedback page and share your thoughts. Then look for this Q&A with the most common questions in every issue of The Latest e-newsletter. Or, for a more immediate response, you can contact our Senior Vice President – Chief Experience Officer David Kreiman directly at 773.489.4624 or [email protected].

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