The Most Googled Financial Questions by State

Being financially secure goes a long way towards peace of mind, and being financially secure starts with being financially literate. Recently, we checked what the most Googled financial topics were across the country, and compared them to see which topics were most searched per state. Check out the graphic below to see what money topics are on the minds of people across the country.

infographic showing financial topics by state

infographic showing the top 15 financial questions nationwide

infographic showing which state is most and least curious about financial topics

According to the national average of searches, student loans are the most Googled financial topic, with 2,441,000 searches on average across the country. Maryland and New Mexico residents search about student loans more than other states, but the fact that there are 2.5 million searches on average, we know this is a significant issue for a large population of Americans. Since the cost of attending college has skyrocketed in the past few decades, we can expect to see student loans remain a top concern across the nation.

Despite the mountain of student loan debt, a college graduate might be looking to buy a home to start the next phase of their adult life. So it’s not surprising to see mortgage calculators as the second-most searched financial subject. Of the 2,300,500 national searches, Maine and Pennsylvania rank as the two states who search it the most.

Even though the average search number is only 60,500 across the country, it is clear from the graphic that foreclosure is a hot topic among the majority of searches, with 15 states citing the legal sale and auction of property as their most searched issue. Considering how many Midwestern and western states are seeking answers to foreclosure questions, we can presume more rural areas are getting hit by housing crises, and anxiety or uncertainty over losing their homes or businesses is what is driving many Americans to turn to Google for help.

Another geographically concentrated topic is interest rates. Eleven states, from Michigan to Florida (and the outlying Rhode Island), are wondering what interest rates are and how they work. However, according to the second map, these 11 states—again, the exception of Rhode Island—are among those only mildly curious about financial topics. A handful of both West Coast and Eastern States are asking the most questions per capita, which makes sense considering the population size. What’s interesting is that while Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Oregon are among the less populated states, they are still among the most curious.

Overall, each state’s most Googled financial topic indicates that there is an important need for knowledge and information. The security of people’s businesses, homes, education, and livelihood hinges on financial processes we do not fully understand. What’s clear is that whether it is researching 401ks in Massachusetts, or joining a credit union in Colorado, or checking out cash advances in California, or seeking to save in Illinois, people across the country have their mind on their money and money on their mind.